All-In-One Mobile Banking for Africans in Europe.

Experience free cross-border transactions, savings and financial empowerment.

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Our Complete Package

Discover the features that will make your banking experience seamless and rewarding.


Receive your salary days before the scheduled payday.


Add money to your account using various payment methods.


Send money effortlessly with fee-free remittance services.


Grow your funds securely through our innovative Earning feature.


Effortlessly share expenses with housemates, friends, family, and groups.

Live Support

Receive personalized assistance instantly for your inquiries.

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Unlock Early Wage

Access your earned wages up to days in advance of your scheduled payday depending on your employer's policy. Here's how it works:

Sign Up
Complete Deposit Form
Submit Form to Employer
Get Paid Early

Add Money Instantly

Fund your account with ease instantly using a variety of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, debit or credit cards and bank transfers.

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Send Borderless Money

Send money to many African countries without any fees and with competitive exchange rates. Transfer your funds to M-Pesa, Orange Money, Mtn Momo and other popular mobile wallets.


Grow your savings

Secure your savings and maximize your returns with our high-yield term deposits. Earn up to 10% APY on your deposits and lock in your earnings for a predetermined period.

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Unified Money Network

COLLECT, SEND payments from anywhere using Cryptocurrency, Mobile Money and Banking solutions with a single integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SNPL stands for "Send Now, Pay Later". It's a feature that allows you to initiate a remittance even if you dont have the necessary funds immediately. You can send money urgently, and the repayment options are flexible.

We leverage Zero-Knowledge technology to perform credit scoring. without compromising our users data privacy.

NO, individuals residing in the European Union are eligible to open an account with us.

Flexible Earning provides daily interest accumulation with flexible withdrawal, while Fixed Earning offers locked-in interest rates fora specified duration.

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